CDM Ambiguity: Killer of Channel Clarity

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By Bryn Nettesheim

Technology vendors face a challenge that threatens their ability to thrive and compete in indirect routes to market — the absence of a robust, comprehensive channel data management (CDM) strategy. The situation has hampered many organizations, if not rendered them powerless, impeding their performance diagnostics, decision-making capabilities, ability to evolve partner programs, and overall success.

Many vendors believe they have everything in place to effectively manage and measure channel performance: policies to govern operational processes; systems to automate processes and provide access to enablement and resources; and a list of seemingly aligned outcomes to keep tabs on their progress toward goals.

The problem is that most of these vendors lack the fundamental element that makes policies, processes, and systems work efficiently and effectively: reliable data. As the old adage goes, “garbage in, garbage out.” Without accurate, reliable, and accessible data, channel managers lack the raw information required to interpret performance metrics, diagnose problems, identify opportunities, and make intelligent decisions.

CDM is the art and science of ensuring that channel professionals have access to the right information at the right time without concerns about accuracy or validity.

Our primer highlights the drawbacks of not having a well-defined CDM process in place.

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