Datto’s Rob Rae on Building Strong Managed Services Partnerships

Rob Rae, senior vice president of Datto, joins Channelnomics’ Changing Channels host Larry Walsh to discuss why vendors often struggle when building service channels and how to get the most out of MSP relationships.

As the shift away from transactional sales models and toward service- and consumption-based paradigms progresses, vendors are realizing that managed service providers may be the ideal target for building out their indirect sales.

That’s because MSPs are entrenched in current revenue models, are used to selling to their customers, and already have a good installed base of customer and consumer services. But one problem remains – the mistaken presumption that MSPs will act in a way that aligns with what vendors know about their resellers and integrators.

Vendors are designing channel programs around how they want to work with the market, not necessarily how partners or MSPs are working with their customers. That creates a gap between what the vendors are trying to do and what they’re actually doing.

One vendor with a keen awareness of what it takes to bridge that gap is Datto. The company has long been a key player in working with MSPs – championing them as bona fide partners and supporting them in getting their products to end users. Datto has developed MSP relationships that not only ensure its success in a changing industry but also allow it to work side by side with competitors and other service providers. The goal: to cultivate an integrative community that facilitates constant support for MSPs while stimulating the continued buildout of the consumption model.

By persistently networking, communicating, and building on its relationships with partners, Datto fosters a climate of collaboration to keep MSPs running smoothly and create a positive partner experience. Rob Rae, senior vice president of Datto, joins Channelnomics’ Changing Channels host Larry Walsh to discuss how Datto is leveraging its years of experience to ground its partner program in the concept of community and help MSPs grow their businesses.

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