HP Partner Program Overhaul Leads to Improved PX

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Vendor focuses on simplified tier structure, targeted KPIs for partners, and data-driven insights to improve ease of doing business for channel and end users.

Recognizing that their go-to-market strategies may be ill-suited for the post-pandemic world of digital services and subscription-based business models, technology vendors large and small are revising, refreshing, and revisiting their partner programs. As of this writing, Microsoft, Dell, and Zoom number among the most recent names to announce substantial partner program updates.

What these and other tech companies are trying to do is modernize their programs to accommodate new routes to market such as online marketplaces, elevate sales experiences to increase customer retention, and leverage data-driven insights to improve business outcomes and operational efficiency.

For an example of a partner program overhaul that prioritizes these and other business outcomes, look no further than HP Inc., which launched the latest iteration of its global partner program, HP Amplify, in the fall of 2020. The initiative is defined by three key attributes:
  • A new, more simplified tier structure
  • Specific partner rewards for performance, collaboration, and capabilities
  • Extensive plans to accelerate partner and customer digital transformation with data-driven insights
  • While the program’s goals align in many ways with those of other vendors seeking to revamp their partner programs, what makes HP Amplify noteworthy is its focus on tight collaboration with partners to collect and leverage customer data — and the success it’s had thus far in doing so.

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