Making the Channel More Sustainable

Sustainability is becoming a significant criterion in customers’ supplier and product selection processes. Customers not only care about the energy efficiency and environmental impact of their technology products but also seek to work with suppliers — including vendors and partners — that have sustainability programs to reduce their carbon footprints and preserve the environment.

Many technology vendors have introduced sustainability programs and initiatives to improve their environmental impact, and several offer resources to help partners develop their sustainability programs. One of the first vendors to formalize a sustainability program for the channel was HP, whose Amplify Impact program provides partners with free guidance and resources.

In this episode of Changing Channels, host Larry Walsh is joined by Mary Beth Walker, head of global channel strategy and channel sustainability sponsor at HP, to discuss the evolution of channel sustainability programs. Discover how HP is empowering its partners to make a positive impact on the environment while driving business growth through:

✅ Comprehensive playbooks and resources
✅ Valuable data and insights
✅ Tailored support for partners worldwide

Walker shares her passion for sustainability and reveals the impressive results of the Amplify Impact program, including:

🏆 69% of partners reporting increased RFP win rates
🤝 48% of partners acquiring new customers

Don’t miss this insightful conversation about the future of sustainability in the IT industry and how HP is leading the charge!

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