Oracle NetSuite’s Craig West on Partner Enablement

They say it takes money to make money. One of the ways vendors use money to make money is through the enablement of their partners. This investment leads to the creation and cultivation of partnerships that are – in many cases – more productive. Partners enabled through technology and sales training generate more revenue for their vendors.

While training and enablement are universally seen as a channel necessity, connecting the value to the outcome often proves elusive. The vendor community frequently treats training as episodic – only on an annual basis or with new product releases. Also, the training typically focuses on products, not workloads or what customers expect as outcomes. For the most part, training programs treated as onboarding checkbox items do little to speed time to market with new partners. As a result, there’s a disconnect between vendor intent, partner engagement, and customer experience.

One vendor that’s making enablement a core piece of its channel strategy and partner relationships is Oracle NetSuite. Through its SuiteLife program, Oracle NetSuite provides hands-on training and enablement that accelerate partners’ ability to take enterprise resource planning applications to market.

Craig West, vice president of alliances and channels at Oracle NetSuite, joins Channelnomics’ Changing Channels host Larry Walsh to discuss making partner enablement more productive and persistent.

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