Partner Go-to-Market Alignment Model

The "Channelnomics Partner Go-to-Market Alignment Model," which you can download below, is a framework to help vendors strategically align with partners across a spectrum of sales engagements. The model depicts a continuum from "Elemental" to "Complex," indicating the varying degrees of product and sales complexity.

On the "Elemental" end, the model lists simpler sales channels such as retail, agents, e-commerce, and marketplaces. These channels typically involve product acquisition, replenishment, subscriptions, self-service, commodities, and generally lower-value transactions. The implication is that these channels are better suited for straightforward, less complex sales that don't require a high level of integration or customization.

As the model transitions towards "Complex," it incorporates partners like cloud marketplaces, managed service providers (MSPs), resellers, indepen...

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