Secureworks’ Wendy Thomas on Securing Human Progress

Wendy Thomas, CEO of Secureworks, joins Channelnomics’s Changing Channels host Larry Walsh to discuss how security services are instrumental in helping businesses keep up with the security arms race.

Security is an arms race. With each advancement in technology, hackers find ways of one-upping the defenders of business’s digital frontiers. Security breaches always have consequences. In the past, a compromise could mean losing access to files or being blocked from mission-critical applications, both of which can lead to lost revenue. Today, though, in the increasingly digitalized world, the consequences of security breaches are increasing in the way of losses and costs – including putting national security at risk and human life in danger.

Innovation is bringing more resources and benefits to the world. This technical innovation, though, is creating more risk. The market doesn’t have enough security professionals to staff the end-to-end needs of businesses and individuals. Businesses struggle to acquire the technology and support required to protect their digital assets adequately. Evolution, it seems, has a downside.

A potential solution to the security conundrum is managed security services. Through the aggregation of technology and human-based expertise, managed security service providers (MSSPs) provide customers with access to leading technology and resources that cost-effectively scale. A leader in providing and supporting MSSPs is Secureworks, which is making securing human progress a cornerstone of its mission.

Wendy Thomas, CEO and President of Secureworks, joins Channelnomics’ Changing Channels host Larry Walsh to discuss the evolving security needs of businesses, how managed security can scale to meet those evolving needs, and the role partners play in the delivery of security services.

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