You Can Hike Prices Without Aggravating Partners

Sensible advice for difficult time
By T.C. Doyle

Everyone knows inflation in 2022 hit a 40-year high. Likewise, everyone understands how supply-chain disruptions, wage increases, and record customer demand continue to put pressure on vendors everywhere to lift prices.

What everyone doesn’t appreciate is that there are optimal ways to implement price hikes, especially when channel partners are involved. In this Channelnomics analyst’s note, we look at who’s increasing prices and why, and how downstream business partners are affected. We also offer some best practices for channel leaders to ensure their go-to-market strategies don’t get upended by forces beyond their control.

Who’s raising prices and why?
If you’ve filled your gas tank recently, you know that energy prices have soared in just the past few weeks. It’s not just fuel you’re paying more for today. Prices on everythi...

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