The Coming Rise of Machine Customers

Artificial intelligence has become a prominent topic of discussion, and its transformative potential is poised to reshape the world. One noteworthy trend for 2024, as observed by Channelnomics, is the emergence of “Machine Customers” powered by AI. In the foreseeable future, over 15 billion automated buyers and sellers will be active in the online marketplace. This automation of purchasing has the potential to revolutionize go-to-market strategies and could even disrupt existing channels. Channelnomics is closely monitoring this development as part of its 15 trends to watch in the current year.

In this episode of In the Margins, Larry Walsh talks about what Channelnomics is seeing in the development of artificial intelligence and machine customers, as well as what’s in the new Channelnomics report: 15 Must-Watch Channel Trends of 2024.”

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