Channel Fiscal Optimizer

Channel Fiscal Optimizer (CFO) is a service that enables you with tools and strategies that you can use to work cooperatively with the finance leaders in your organization to effectively measure, model, and report the impacts of the channel on your company’s profits, investments, and expenses.

How do you determine performance of partner ecosystem investments?

Even in the best of times, managing a channel business is difficult due to the dearth of people in business who truly understand the economics of indirect sales. What holds back many organizations is a lack of consolidated data that can be routinely collected, analyzed, and, most important, trusted by their leaders. CFO is designed to establish collaboration with finance and other departments across an organization who contribute to the success of the channel, to paint an accurate picture of channel performance and investments relative to a company’s bottom line.

Channel Financial Tools and Assessments

Channel Fiscal

Data driven investment decision-making

Workshops and toolkit of custom-built analyses and dashboards using Channelnomics E2P reporting methodology


Improve profitability and pricing discipline

Workshop and inspection tool used to identify drivers that affect vendor and partner margins


Visualize program change impacts

Modeling tool with multiple levers to demonstrate how program and incentive investments impact profitability

Connect with our consultants to learn how Channel Fiscal Optimizer (CFO) can help your organization.

"As a former channel leader, I feel passionate about engaging with non-channel executives and finance leaders to finally answer the question of what value the channel provides. Channel Fiscal Optimizer is the result of this collaboration that aims to effectively measure, model, and report the impact of the channel on a company's profits, investments, and expenses."

- Cindy Herndon, Chief Operating Officer, Channelnomics
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