CCC RECAP: Marketplace Private Offers Take Shape

Special-pricing opportunities address some limitations of marketplace transactions.
B2B marketplaces are growing in terms of size, influence, and capabilities. Next year, sales are expected to reach $3.6 trillion globally. One estimate says 30% of all B2B transactions worldwide will be attributable to a marketplace.

Many factors are driving this growth, including convenience, price competitiveness, and demographic change. (Among millennials, for example, 97% buy primarily through marketplaces.)

But for all their promise, marketplaces are difficult for many vendors to manage. The rigid pricing structures and static systems can make it difficult to offer the customized discounts and negotiations that enterprise buyers expect, particularly for large, complex deals. Channelnomics discussed the topic in-depth during our Community Call on Sept. 21.

“Private offers, also known as cust...

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