Podcast: The Future of Distribution

POD2112: GTDC’s Frank Vitagliano on the Future of Distribution

As technology continues to evolve and the market adopts service-based models, many vendors question the value distribution is contributing, and will contribute, to the go-to-market equation. Traditionally, distribution is the layer that provides logistics, contract manufacturing, customization services, financing, and technical support on behalf of vendors to their partners. Some people believe that cloud computing and other service-based models diminish the need for distribution, as there’s little product to ship and support.

But distribution is evolving. While distributors continue to offer the traditional “pick, pack, and ship” services, they’re also providing value-add services in marketing, market intelligence, business development, hosting, service management, and more. In addition, distributors’ financing activities are proving more valuable than ever as vendors and partners look to recognize service contracts before their terms mature. And distributors continue to look for ways to reinvent themselves, adding value to the vendor, partner, and end-user segments of the technology market.

The chief advocate for the distribution segment and its value proposition is the Global Technology Distribution Council (GTDC). Now under the leadership of channel veteran and icon Frank Vitagliano, GTDC is reinvigorating its mission of distribution advocacy with new programs and initiatives to help vendors understand what distribution is doing for them today and how distributors will continue to evolve over the next decade.

Vitagliano, who was a channel chief at IBM, Juniper Networks, and Dell, as well as the CEO of a systems integrator, has a unique perspective on distribution. He joins POD2112 to discuss the evolving value of distribution and how distributors will remain relevant in the service era.

Frank Vitagliano

CEO, Global Technology Distribution Council


Larry Walsh
CEO & Chief Analyst, The 2112 Group


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