Finding Satisfaction in Technology Distributors

A Channelnomics In the Margins Podcast

The perception of distribution as an outdated part of the legacy channel is often a misconception. In reality, distribution is not just surviving, but thriving and evolving. Its growing significance for vendors and partners is notable. This evolution was a focal point at the Global Technology Distribution Council’s (GTDC) Summit in Oceanside, California.

At the Summit, Channelnomics unveiled compelling new research. This research was a collaboration with GTDC. It aimed to shed light on the crucial role of distribution. The findings were eye-opening. Vendors and partners expressed high levels of satisfaction with their distribution partnerships. This satisfaction stems from the substantial benefits they receive. Distributors are instrumental in helping achieve strategic goals.

The survey’s results align with the proactive steps distributors are taking. They are investing in new skills and resources. This investment is a direct response to the evolving needs of the channel community. Distributors understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve. They are committed to meeting the changing demands and expectations.

The significance of these findings was further discussed in the podcast “In the Margins.” Hosts Larry Walsh and Amy Henderson delved into the key takeaways. Their discussion highlighted the insights from this year’s Summit. The meeting was a significant gathering of industry leaders. It brought together top distributors and vendor executives.

The Summit and the research presented there mark a pivotal moment. They underscore the dynamic nature of the distribution sector. Distribution is not just a part of the legacy channel. It has transformed into a critical component for business success. Vendors and partners now recognize the value of their distribution relationships. They see distributors as vital partners in navigating market complexities. This changing perception is a testament to the sector’s ongoing evolution and adaptability.

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